HIGHYI Had Study Conference

In order to continuously improve the comprehensive capabilities of the company’s management personnel, and further improve the work level and execution of middle and senior management personnel, recently, the company’s marketing director took the lead, the organization called on the company’s middle-level management staff to watch the relevant management knowledge lecture video.

The content of the lecture mainly teaches how to coach subordinates and effective team management for subordinates; how to rationally utilize the human resources of each department under the existing conditions, optimize the configuration, and build an efficient team; how to link performance with posts and further enhance execution. Promote the enthusiasm of the team; how to promote cross-departmental collaborative communication, and effectively solve the phenomenon of pushing and smashing.

Every time after the meeting, everyone said that these lectures broadened their horizons, broadened their horizons, increased their knowledge, improved their ability, improved their understanding, and improved themselves. It is very helpful for business managers to accurately and efficiently find weaknesses in management. Problems and needs have enhanced the theoretical knowledge and skills of solving management shortcomings and played a positive role in enhancing management effectiveness in future work.