Model Number: DZ20LE
Type: Air
Poles Number: 3
Rated current: 100A
Product name: DZ20Y Series transparent Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Rated voltage: 400V
Certificate: CCC
Breaking capacity: 6KA
Standard: GB/T22710-2008
Material: Plastic
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Ambient temperature: 5 ~+40



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DZ20LE series 3NS residual current circuit breaker is suitable for 3-P, 4-L neutral point directly earthed, TT distribution system of AC50Hz, rated voltage 400V, rated current up to 800A, with rated insulated voltage 1000V, used to provide the protection of indirectly electric touch, prevent electric fire caused that the insulation layer of equipment is destroyed and produce earthing fault current, also used to distribute electric energy and protect the line from overloading and short circuit fault, with the protections against over-voltage, under-voltage, phase failure, neutral phase on power source side broken. The product complies with the standards of GB14048.2-2008 “Low voltage switchgear and control gears”, GB13955-2005 “Installation and Operation of residual current tripping protectivedevice”,GB/T22710-2008 “Electronic controller for low voltage circuit breakers”

Main functions and features

Hi-performance MCU used, to process signal and perform intelligent controlLED displayed, easy to operateResidual current (leakage) protected, the steps of residual current can be set online, time delay or non-delay can be selected freely.Leakage surge pulse function, can be opened or closed.

Able to execute one time of reclosing operationAuto track: according to residual current in the line, it adjust the step automatically, to ensure the reliability and function.

Three sections of protections: long time delay, short time delay and instantaneous tripping, the tripping current settable, electronic type release.High breaking capacity, ensure the reliability of short circuit protection.

Instantaneous tripping function at large current: when circuit breaker is closed and happen to large short circuit current (>20Inm), The circuit breaker is opened directly by electromagnetic release mechanism;over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, phase absenceprotection, protection of neutral phase broken

Output of warning in case of not tripping at electric leakage;

In real time display the residual current of line, three-phase voltage, loading currentProtection functions and parameters can be modified online

Fault record, record the total times of tripping, seek the reasons, fault parameters of latest 10 times of tripping, for the communication type it can realize remote signaling, remote measurement, remote control, remote adjustment.

Normal operating conditions

Installation site should be no conductive dust, corrosive gas, no inflammable gas, no rain and snow;Altitude: ≤2000m;Ambient temperature -20°C~+60°C , the average daily maximum temperature ≤+45°C ;Relative humidity ≤50% (ambient temperature of + 40°C when);Installation place of the external magnetic field in any direction of the magnetic field strength is not more than five times the Earth’s magnetic field;Installation location should be well ventilated cooling conditions

DZ20LE Series Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker 3NSDZ20LE Series Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker 3NSDZ20LE Series Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker 3NS